Our Services

Helping the people of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and beyond to become pain free and stay pain free, without the need for ongoing pain medication or short term, temporary solutions

Here at Reconnect Physio we look at things a little differently; we like to get to the source of your pain; we do not believe in short term relief. We want to give you long term solutions to your pain which allows you to return to doing the things you love, whether that is playing high level sport, being able to get back to the gym, that 5-a-side game once a week or just being able to lift and play with your kids or grandkids again. We will work with you to get you to the level that you need to be at.

What can we do for you?

Using the same step-by-step system that we have successfully used on many high level professional sports people, we get to the source of your pain by really listening to your story; this allows us to understand YOUR pain and treat you as an individual.

We will analyse your current movement patterns and conduct a series of muscle testing which allows us to identify the true source of your pain. Subsequently, this enables us to work with you on treating the true cause of your pain, ensuring that it does not return, enabling you to be pain free and fully mobile.

So if you have had enough of pain, want a long term solution and have “thoughtless, fearless, pain free movement”. Call us today and have a no obligation phone chat with your dedicated therapist.